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An HVAC unit is a system that combines various components that work together to provide adequate warmth and cooling in your home. One of the most crucial parts of this system is the air handler. A problem with the air handler could lead to increased utility bills and is a sign that you need professional services.

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Why Are Air Handlers Important for Your AC Unit in Olathe?

Air handlers basically control and condition air in a space. To achieve this, they are built with various components, including filter racks, sound attenuators, dampers, and blowers. Smaller air handlers, commonly known as terminal units, only contain a blower, filter rack, and a coil.

Air handlers are important components of your HVAC system because they deal with both the heating and cooling components of your unit. Basically, after air has been heated or cooled, air handlers are responsible for distributing that air throughout your home.

What Are Common Problems that Cause Air Handlers to Break Down?

There are several issues that can lead to the breakdown of air handlers. Some of these are easy to fix, and can be corrected if you have any knowledge regarding your home HVAC system. Others can be more involved, and require the expertise of a professional. Some of these pesky problems include:

  • Air filter clogs. With time, debris and other dirt material accumulates on the inside of an air filter. As such, replacing the air filter every once in a while is important to avoid the additional cost of having to replace your entire air handler. We recommend that you replace your air filter every three months, and at least once a month during summer or the hottest months of the year.
  • Motor failure. When a motor is running the air handler fan, it’s important to maintain a clean and efficient system. Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning will allow dirt particles to enter the air handler. This will force the motor to work harder and eventually burn out. This calls for replacement, which requires the help of a professional.
  • Damaged blower fan belt. A blower fan belt is the most exposed part of an air handler, making it the most susceptible to damage. Fan belts often tend to crack or come loose entirely and if this happens, other components are exposed to damage. Immediate replacement with the help of a professional will help correct this.
  • Condensate pan leaks. This tricky issue is also common in air handlers. This could be due to small cracks in the pan or clogs or buildup in the drain line. If you feel comfortable, you can use bleach to attempt clearing a clog yourself. However, don’t hesitate to seek a professional’s help if you feel the problem calls for one.

What Are the Benefits of AC Handler Replacement?

If you’re having issues with your air handler, you’ll want to call the professionals at Priced Right Heating & Cooling. This will save you the pain of increased utility bills, and the headache of constantly calling for repairs in the future.

Replacing your air handler is also an important step in avoiding the possibility of having to replace your entire HVAC system, a step that will cost you more than you budgeted for. It will help to improve your HVAC system altogether.

Air handlers are essential for improving the quality of air in a home. Clean, conditioned air will make your home more comfortable, and also prevent dust and debris particles from reducing your air quality. Indications your home and family may be experiencing poor air quality include shortness of breath, sinus congestion, and constant sneezing.

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