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Advantages of Ductless Mini Splits

Have you considered mini splits?


Overland Park HVACDuctless mini splits are a system of home ventilation that uses thin copper pipes to carry coolant to blowers located in each room. The system works for both air conditioning and heating because the pipes can also be used to carry heated air throughout the house. There are five main advantages to using ductless mini splits as part of your home’s ventilation system.

The first advantage is that ductless mini splits are more energy efficient than traditional home ventilation systems. Traditional ducts tend to lose up to 40 percent of their cool air before it even reaches the house. Ductless mini splits rarely lose more than 5 percent of their cool air. The increased energy efficiency of ductless mini splits means that you won’t have to turn on your air conditioning system as often, lowering energy bills and saving you money.

Another advantage is that you can control how warm or cool each individual room in your house is. If there’s no one in a particular room, don’t turn on the blower. If a room is occupied, turn on the blower. The ability to heat or cool only occupied rooms also adds to the energy efficiency of the ductless mini splits system, saving you money on your energy bills.

A third advantage is that ductless mini splits are an almost silent method of heating your home. All of the noisy machinery, such as the compressor or the condenser, are installed outside of the home. This allows the inside of the home to remain quiet and serene.

Yet another advantage is that there are no ducts to maintain or deal with. Traditional ventilation systems consist of bulky ducts that are easily damaged and require regular maintenance. Using ductless mini splits removes that irritation.

Finally, ductless mini splits work for both heating and air conditioning, depending on the season. This saves you the expense and time that results from having to install two separate systems, as well as the headache that comes from maintaining two systems.

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