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When your A/C stops working or just seems a little weird, don’t dread it. Licensed and certified air conditioning experts from Priced Right Heating & Cooling are available even after business hours to deliver a quality A/C repair service in Olathe, KS.

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My Air Conditioning Unit Smell Musty! Where Should I Look For Molds?

It’s not common to smell something musty coming from the vents, but it isn’t impossible. 

A musty smell usually comes from molds, typically growing in damp and dark environments. They may thrive in the following areas of your A/C:

Vents Or Ducts.

Vents and ducts often become a perfect breeding ground for molds when there’s excess moisture in there due to a drainage leak or high humidity level. If the air conditioning unit isn’t regularly maintained, you may overlook this problem. Mold may spread and cause a noticeable musty smell.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil houses the refrigerant, a chemical that absorbs heat. This can also become a perfect breeding ground for mold. This component is located inside your AC, and it’s already in a dark place. It will only need the other two necessary ingredients for mold growth: food (dirt and dust) and moisture. 

Moisture builds on the evaporator coil when warm air passes over it. If dirt accumulates in the air filter, dust and dirt can escape and make their way into the evaporator coil and Viola! You got mold spreading and causing a musty smell.

Drain Pan

The drain pan is located underneath the evaporator coil. Its job is to catch the condensate produced during the cooling process. The water in the pan is directed outdoors via the condensate drain line. When the drainpipe gets clogged, the water in the pan will be stagnant. As we mentioned above, a mold needs moisture and food to thrive. And the drain pan provides them precisely that.

Mold Is Dangerous: Get Rid Of Them Fast!

Mold spores may cause nasal stuffiness, coughing or wheezing, throat and eye irritation, and skin irritation. It’s hazardous for people with mold allergies and chronic lung illnesses. 

Mold growing in your air conditioning unit is not necessarily more harmful than those growing elsewhere in your home. But because the function of a cooling system is to spread air throughout a room, the spores of mold living inside the unit will also spread. So you’ll be likely inhaling mold spores in areas of your property that your ac reaches.

How Can I Eliminate Mold In The A/C?

Depending on the location of the mold, the cleanup process can be messy and complicated. If you are not familiar with the components of your air conditioning units, we recommend calling the A/C repair experts in Olathe, KS, instead. 

Air Conditioning Problems? Talk To Us! 

At Priced Right Heating & Cooling, our team can deal with not only mold but any A/C problem. Our HVAC technicians are licensed and certified with years of experience fixing all kinds of air conditioning issues. They got the knowledge and tools required to diagnose the problem accurately and fix it fast the first time. Our team is available outside business hours to accommodate the emergency repair needs of homeowners in Olathe. 

So if you are searching for an A/C repair in Olathe, KS, that you can trust, look no further than Priced Right Heating & Cooling team. Contact us at 913-713-5911 to get started.