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6 Reasons to Get Your Heater Checked Today!

Why Should I Check My Heater?


Winter is right around the corner which means the heaters are turning on. If you want your heater to work perfectly and avoid living without heat, it is extremely important to get it checked prior to winter hitting. There are several reasons for this check.

1. Dirt Buildup – During the spring and summer, your heater is just sitting there without any life. During this down time, a lot of dust and dirt will come in contact with it. This needs to be cleaned prior to turning it on. Having a pre-winter heater inspection will take care of this problem for you to avoid your unit working harder than it needs.

2. Check For Leaks – Leaks can be very dangerous when it comes to heaters. It is important to have your unit checked by a professional technician before it is turned on for the season.

3. Thermostat – During the summer months, the thermostat collects lots of dust. It is very important to have it checked and repaired before the winter. This will prevent high-cost energy bills. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, it can be very difficult to make your house the desired temperature.

4. Check The Furnace – The furnace is one of the main components of the unit. It needs to be checked regularly to ensure the heater is working at a high level. A technician needs to clean and determine if a furnace filter needs to be changed.

5. Hoses – There are several hoses throughout the heater. If one is malfunctioning or contains a leak, the entire until suffers. Qualified technicians should be called to inspect all hoses to verify if any need to be replaced before winter.

Overland Park Heater6. Convenience – If you wait until the winter to check your heater, chances are there will be a wait time for a technician. Early winter is one of the busiest times for a heating and cooling company. Having a maintenance check prior to winter will save you time and money. If you choose to forgo the early inspection, it can cost you days in the future if something was to go wrong or need to be fixed.

Getting an inspection on your heater is very crucial. Only certified and trained technicians should do maintenance on your unit. Never try to do it yourself, this can cause more expenses in the long run. Heaters are complicated and require proper functioning of all parts to run smoothly.

Stop waiting for the perfect time to take care of your home’s heater and call Priced Right Heating and Cooling at (913) 713-5911 today for heating maintenance services in the Overland Park area!

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