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5 Ways to Save on Your Utility Bil

Maintain a Home’s Furnace to Reduce Utility Bills

Way One: Change a Furnace’s Air Filter Frequently

To save on a Overland Park home’s heating costs, make sure to change the furnace’s air filter at least once a month. For our customers with allergies, we suggest using a high-efficiency particulate air filter that removes almost 100 percent of the tiniest particles of pollen and household dust. When customers are on a strict budget, buy basic air filters in bulk in order to have enough to change the devices all winter.

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Way Two: Have a Furnace Inspected Once a Year

Our Overland Park customers should contact us once a year to have a home’s furnace inspected by a technician. A technician can clean, lubricate and adjust a furnace’s components to ensure it is operating optimally to avoid wasting natural gas or electricity. In addition to making sure a furnace is working correctly, our technicians inspect a home’s ducts to verify there are no blockages that prevent proper airflow.

Way Three: Install New Windows in a Home

Drafts inside a home can lead to our customers feeling uncomfortable and will also increase their heating bills. Many of the homes where our technicians work have old-fashioned single-pane windows that do not keep out cold winds, leading to huge utility bills.

We suggest having single-pane windows replaced with triple-pane windows that have frames that fit the openings precisely. Make sure to cover windows with heavyweight draperies or insulating window blinds for additional protection from drafts.

Way Four: Apply Caulking to Crevices and Holes

A home’s materials will begin to settle, leading to crevices around doorways and building foundations. There are also holes from the installation of electrical power lines and water pipes that permit cold air to enter a home.

While cold air enters, climate-controlled air will escape, leading to drafts and higher utility bills. With liquid caulking from local hardware stores, our customers can quickly and easily fill holes and crevices inside their homes.

Way Five: Use Blown-In and Roll Batting Insulation in a Home

Another way to save money on utility bills is by placing additional roll batting insulation in attics, crawl spaces or garages. If one of our customers cannot install roll batting insulation in a home, then it is possible to add blown-in insulation to wall spaces.

Try to save during this holidays season on your Overland Park, KS home utility bill. Call Priced Right Heating and Cooling at (913) 713-5911 for any questions or further assistance.

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