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5 Indicators That Your Home’s Thermostat is Malfunctioning

5 Ways to Tell if Your Home’s Thermostat is Malfunctioning

If you have noticed that your home is growing too warm or too chilly for your comfort level, you may be wondering if you need to call an HVAC technician to your Overland Park home to provide you with repair service. It is understandable that you want to avoid paying for HVAC and thermostat repair if it is not needed.

If the problem is your programmable thermostat, there are some steps that you can take to pinpoint the cause of the trouble and to troubleshoot the issue.

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By taking these preliminary steps now before calling a technician, you can better determine if you need professional assistance or if you simply need to replace your thermostat. In some cases, taking these steps may even resolve the problem entirely for you.

Analyze the Settings

One quick and easy way to determine if the thermostat is malfunctioning or if the problem lies with the thermostat is to simply review the settings on the thermostat.

If more than one person lives in the home, there is a chance that someone else may have turned the thermostat settings to the “Off” position entirely, that they have switched the “Heat” setting to “Cool” or vice versa. If you notice that the settings are not in the desired location, simply make the change, and this should resolve the situation for you entirely. If the settings are in the appropriate location, go on to the next step.

Adjust the On and Off Settings

If the settings appear to be in the right position, take a moment to toggle the “On” switch to the “Off” setting. After you hear the system turn off, count to ten. Then, flip the setting back to the “On” setting. This can essentially reboot the system for you, and you may find that this fixes the issue. If this turns out to only be a temporary fix, you may have a short or another problem with the programmable thermostat. Generally, a thermostat repair is not possible, and you will need to replace the thermostat entirely.

Adjust the Temperature Settings

You may also be able to trigger the HVAC unit to turn on by adjusting the temperature settings. For example, in the winter when you want the heater to turn on, you can adjust the temperature setting on the thermostat upward until you hear the HVAC unit turn on.

Likewise, in the summer when you want the air conditioner to turn on, you can lower the temperature setting until the system turns on. If you notice that you have adjusted the dial or setting as far as possible and the unit does not turn on, you may need to replace the thermostat or you may need professional repair service for your HVAC unit. Your HVAC technician can provide you with more information regarding the appropriate next step to take.

Inspect the Battery Power

Take a closer look at your readout on the thermostat, and you may see a setting for battery power. Not all thermostats have this readout, but if you do have it, you may see that the battery needs to be replaced. If the unit is not turned on at all, this is also a sign that the batteries need to be replaced.

If you do not have a readout and it has been several months or longer since you last replaced the batteries, you may need to do so at this time. To replace the batteries, remove the thermostat cover from the wall, and look at the backside of the unit. There should be a cover to a compartment that houses the batteries. You can remove this cover, replace the batteries, put the cover back on and return the device to its position on the wall.

This may resolve your issue, but if not, professional repair work is in order. Remember that you may avoid this type of issue altogether by replacing the batteries before the power in them runs low. For example, you may replace the batteries each time you replace the air filter in your HVAC ducts.

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Review the Circuit Breaker

In some cases, the circuit breaker may have gotten tripped, and this may include the breaker to the thermostat or to the HVAC unit. Take a closer look at your circuit breaker box to determine which fuses power the HVAC and thermostat. Turn these to the off position, and then, turn them back on. Inspect the thermostat and HVAC unit to determine if this resolved the problem.

Advice for Replacing the Thermostat

Some people will follow these tips and will be able to resolve their problem through using these steps. Others will determine that they need to replace their thermostat, and you may be wondering what you need to do to accomplish this goal.

You can purchase a new thermostat at any home improvement store in Overland Park, just remember to look for one that is affordable yet that has the features that you need. A programmable device that is reliable may help you to save money on energy costs in the months and years to come.

These tips may help you to avoid calling a professional to your home for repair work unnecessarily. However, if you follow these tips and the problem is not resolved, you may be ready to call us for assistance.

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