Overland Park Emergency Services

When you’re faced with an HVAC emergency, trust the experts from Priced Right Heating & Cooling to assist you! We are available from 7 AM to 10PM. We’re here for you. Call 913-289-0311 today. Click here to access our online discounts and specials.

If you have an emergency, be sure to contact us for our expertise in heating and cooling services

You depend on your heating and cooling system to protect you and your home from the elements. When malfunctions strike, our HVAC emergency response may be just what you need to protect yourself, your home, and your family. Spending a little now can result in big savings by the end of the month. Count on Priced Right Heating & Cooling to take care of your Overland Park HVAC emergency services. Our techs are highly qualified to assist you with HVAC complications of all severities.

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Emergency AC Repair in Olathe & Overland Park

When your air conditioner goes out in the midst of a hot summer day, our expert team can help. We will assess your unit to determine the root cause and immediately get to work to get your home cool once again. If your unit is blowing warm air or simply isn’t cooling your home as needed, we can help!

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Emergency Furnace Repair

With our frigid Kansas winters, having a functional furnace is absolutely vital. If your furnace malfunctions and leaves you out in the cold, the experienced team at Priced Right Heating & Cooling will come out as quickly as possible to assess your unit. We will ensure that your furnace is clear and heating your home as needed.

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Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are responsible for both heating and cooling your home, so if your heat pump cuts out, a serious disruption to your day could occur. Our experienced HVAC professionals will examine your unit as quickly as possible to ensure that it’s not covered in ice from cooling and that it’s turning on as normal. If necessary, we will replace any malfunctioning parts to get your heat pump back into tip-top shape.

For emergency heat pump repair in Overland Park or Olathe, contact us now!

Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Services

Identifying trouble as it starts can save you a lot of headache down the road, so it pays to pay attention to your heating and cooling unit. One of the most noticeable signs that something is wrong is unusual sounds coming from your unit. Rattling, grinding, or clanking coming either from the unit itself or from your vents is a good indication that something is wrong.

Higher electricity bills at the end of the month may be another indication that there is a problem. If your bills are going up but your usage is the same, there may be a fault in the system. Uneven heating or cooling is another sign of trouble. If you are warm in the bedroom but freezing in the kitchen, it’s time to get the system checked out.

Olathe & Overland Park Emergency Heating & AC Services

Emergency HVAC services get your home up and running again immediately. When there are extreme outdoor temperatures, this increases the livability of your home and the safety of your family and visitors. No one is happy or comfortable in extreme heat or cold, and the fast response time of our team is the best way to care for them.

Your pocketbook will also thank you at the end of the month. Broken HVAC systems use much larger amounts of energy and can result in absurdly expensive electric bills if they are not repaired quickly.

No matter what time it is, Priced Right Heating & Cooling is here for you! For emergency HVAC services in Olathe, Overland Park, or the surrounding areas, call 913-289-0311.

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